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God told me how to kiss...

Ausloeschendes Licht

1 October 1985
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...Private telematics: each individual sees himself promoted to the controls of a hypothetical machine, isolated in a position of perfect sovereignty, at an infinite distance from his original universe; that is to say, in the same position as an astronaut in his bubble, existing in a state of weightlessness which compels the individual to remain in perpetual orbit flight and to maintain sufficient speed to avoid crashing into his planet of origin.

The realization of the orbital satellite in the universe of the everyday corresponds to the elevation of the domestic universe to the celestial metaphor, with the orbiting of the two room/kitchen/bathroom unit in the last lunar model; hence to the satellization of the real self. The everydayness of the terrestial habitat hypostatisized in space marks the end of metaphysics and signals the beginning of the era of hyperreality: that which was previously mentally projected, which was lived as a metaphor in the terrestrial habitat is from now on projected, entirely without metaphor, into the absolute space of simulation.

Our private sphere has ceased to be the stage where the drama of the subject at odds with his object and with his image is played out: we no longer exist as playwrights or actors but as terminals of multiple networks.Television is the most direct prefiguration of this, and yet today one's private living space is conceived of as a receiving and operating area, as a monitoring screen world in which it acted as a protective enclosure, as an imaginary protector. Yet it also contained the symbolic benefit of alienation (the fact that the other exists) and that otherness can be played out for better or worse. Thus the consumer society was lived under the sign of alienation; it was a society of spectacle - but at least there was spectacle, and the spectacle, even if alientated, is never obscene. Obscenity begins when there is no more spectacle, no more theatre, no more illusion, when everything becomes immediately transparent, visible, exposed in the raw an inexonerable light of information and communication.


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