this new years will NOT suck

bought my roundtrip ticket to London last week...
reserved 3nights in a hostel in Central London 2hrs ago...
buying rail tickets to Paris tomorrow...
searching for hostels in Berlin...
leaving exactly 3months from today...
this is finally happening.
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the injustices and indignities rich white men face

waaaaaah waaaaah fucking whaaaaaah! pat buchanan, you old white priviledged piece of shit, shut the fuck up. and what is this bullshit about america being built by white people and that's why they get to rule it? who picked the cotton and the strawberries on the fields and built the goddamn railroads?! and apparently in the 60's, the ethnic breakdown of america was 90% white and 10% black and no one else outside of those groups existed, according to pat at least, and it's pretty clear the old bigot would love to keep it that way.

why does rachel maddow and msn continue to give this joke of a person any airtime?
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the four...


these have been my unlikely muses as of late, time to make something...
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258.2 grams of fat, 490mg of cholesterol, 5,586 calories. total $18 USD

title: 258.2 grams of fat; 490mg of cholesterol; 5,586 calories; total $18 USD
7"x14" C-Print
V. Arce
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